The Singleton Glendullan 'Sirens Call' 19YO Special Release 700mL
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The Singleton Glendullan 'Sirens Call' 19YO Special Release 700mL

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As our fable goes, deep in the waters of the River Dullen lived an ethereal siren. A golden maiden, with the shimmering tail of a fish, known to sing a song of honeyed sweetness that drew listeners in to seek its beautiful source. From her touch, flowers and fruits sprung into ripeness, and from her tail, golden rivers flowed. This Siren's song gave The Singleton its smooth and melodious nature -a scotch born of slow craft, rich with the bounty of autumn fruit, caramel and spice.

At The Singleton, whisky tastes more decadent when you pause to drink it in. The Singleton of Glendullan's masterful, slow craft stretches long and languid, shaping our Scotch from malt to maturation. This melodious whisky was made not to be merely enjoyed, but for every drop to be indulged.

This is a malt that shimmers with sweet aromas of dried fig, apricot and orange peel over rich marzipan and vanilla cake. With soft and luscious textures, it flows sweetly, and ends with a warm and waning finish, faintly savoury, hinting of nutmeg and ginger. From start to finish, blooming layers of flavour echo sweetly, lingering like a siren's call.

Size: 700mL

Standard Drinks: 30.5

Alcohol Volume: 54.6%

Country: Scotland

Brand Name: Singleton