Oban "Tale of Twin Foxes" 12 Year Old 2021 Special Release 700mL
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Oban "Tale of Twin Foxes" 12 Year Old 2021 Special Release 700mL

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As our fable goes, wedged between the Highlands and Isles where Oban's distillery came to lie, twin foxes were born into light and dark. They were relentless opposites; one, with a bright orange coat, possessed the Highland's gift for lightness and speed. The other, dark as smoke, possessed the Isles' camouflaged mystique. Each fox contrasted and skillfully balanced the other. At Oban distillery, the dual light and darkness of our sly siblings springs from the amber dram, a distinctive dynamic of opposing energies: the Highlands and the Isles in perfect harmony.

One of the smallest and oldest distilleries in Scotland, Oban has stood fast in the coastal town that bears its name since 1794, described often as the gateway between the Highlands and the Isles. Distilled a mere 208 steps from the sea, its rich and citrussy Highland character is buttressed with the maritime brine and a whisper of the peat of the Isles.

This sweet-natured Scotch stirs bright-eyed, nose keen with smooth, sweet chilli. Maritime aromas offer contrast, with seaweed, crystal salt and black pepper. Lightly oily, it soon shades the palate with a pinch of spice from fresh-charred casks. Crunchy oak spice, a dark toffee-apple sweetness and a lengthy, peppery finish harmonise in this lush tale of light and dark.

Size: 700mL

Standard Drinks: 31

Alcohol Volume: 56.2%

Country: Scotland

Brand Name: Oban