Mortlack "The Moonlit Beast' 13 Year Old 2021 Special Release 700mL
Porter's Liquor St Ives Village

Mortlack "The Moonlit Beast' 13 Year Old 2021 Special Release 700mL

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As our fable goes, when darkness falls and the sapphire glow of the full moon lights up the sky, a lone beast stirs amidst the shadows. As the singing stills of Mortlach begin to play their haunting melody, a howl breaks and rings in unison. The beast leaves no trace but his formidable song, vibrating throughout the distillery, gives Mortlach its extraordinary, magnetic nature.

Known as The Beast of Dufftown, much about Mortlach is an enigma. A precise 2.81 times distilled through six uniquely shaped stills, the byzantine process responsible for this complex and robust dram is part science, part alchemy. A brand steeped in secrets, bold and mysterious, it has become the stuff of legend.

What a stirring song this spirit sings: the meaty, woody aromas of this whisky pitch-perfect, every sense heightened in anticipation. The pleasure builds, as smoothness envelops you before savoury spiciness, embraced by intense vanilla sweetness, races across the tongue. All the while, the clear siren song of virgin oak soars above the rich melody. A glorious warm afterglow leaves the palate dry and lights the dark and deepening night.

Size: 700mL

Standard Drinks: 31

Alcohol Volume: 55.9%

Country: Scotland

Brand Name: Mortlach