Lagavulin 'The Lion's Jewel' 26 Year Old 2021 Special Release 700mL
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Lagavulin 'The Lion's Jewel' 26 Year Old 2021 Special Release 700mL

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As our fable goes, hidden within his den on Islay bay, The King of Islay guarded a gem of precious worth. The resplendent stone glowed ruby red and glistening with lustre. Won through decades of fire and ferocity, it reflected an alluring warmth and smouldering intensity - the captivating nature at the very heart of Lagavulin.

Only Lagavulin, known by many as the pinnacle of Islay malts, could produce such a rare gem. The first 26 year old to be released from the distillery, this distinctive whisky bears a complexity honouring the triumphant path of this long surviving Islay icon. Strong and enduring by nature, the fiery spirit of Lagavulin burns bright in this coveted dram.

A deep-hued and regal malt, its dark, wine-woody aromas are pungent with peaty smoke, curled around baked figs. In the smooth, oily start a sweetness gleams, then salt and pepper season a savoury, smoke-wreathed intensity. These rich first fill Pedro Ximenez & Oloroso seasoned casks look back on vivid youth through the wise, battle-hardened prism of age, finishing long, sweet and warming. At long last, a jewel is ready to share.

Size: 700mL

Standard Drinks: 24

Alcohol Volume: 44.2%

Country: Scotland

Brand Name: Lagavulin